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Antique books market avoids the crisis

Antique Book Fair participants report that the crisis has not touched second-hand books market in Russia. The demand for Jewish books, publications on Caucasian themes and art magazines has been growing during the last two years. Antique printed products prices have increased three-to-four times and some of them – tenfold.

The most significant growth was shown by first Russian classical authors editions – from Pushkin and Lermontov to Chekhov and Dostoevsky. Collectors began to pay attention to the books condition – the price considerably goes up if the publication is perfectly safe. Prices increase can also be connected with the growing interest of some antique collectors to theme second-hand books segments.

According to experts the market of foreign antique books has great prospects, but its growth is constrained by the fact that such books are barred from export to other countries by the law, where the demand and prices are much higher than in Russia.

As for price records on the antique market, "Moscow reconstruction", the album of Alexander Rodchenko and Varvara Stepanova,  was sold to a collector for 1.45 million rubles. The starting price of the original edition was 350 thousand rubles.