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"Russian Post" will accept complains through the "publicity booth"

The company begins testing a new way of communication with disturbed customers.

A new device was placed in the Moscow post office. It receives complaints of the  work and suggestions on its improving. A computer is equipped with a touch screen camera. The device can record one minute video and send it to a special commission of the "Russian Post".

New product was called "publicity booth". The "Russian Post" representative says that if the device testing is successful, all post offices across the country will be provided with them.

But Oleg Frolov, the lawyer of the interregional public organization “Consumer Rights Protection Society “Social control” believes that "Russian Post" should pay attention to the causes of problems and not just to deal with complaints.

“Sberbank” is also trying to modernize the book of complains and suggestions. Visitors of its several Moscow offices can contact with the support service through the device, which is called BigPad. With the help of BigPad consumers can not only make a complain, but also receive an online expert advice an opposite to the " publicity booth ".