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The Russian government agreed to extend the preferential import duties on coated paper

5% duty on the import of coated paper certain types will be valid until the end of 2013. So publishers can keep calm till this date: publication published in Russia, will not suffer.

Why did Russian government try to return the duty at the 15% level? The main authorities’ argument is that it has been done to protect domestic producers, who were just about to launch their first projects of the coated paper production in Russia. However, the construction of these facilities has not yet begun; the date of their launch permanently carries over.

And to the second argument sounds like this: "The state treasury will lose revenues". But it is false. The treasury did not incur losses. The reduction in paid duties in June and August of 2010 was equal to $ 4.99 million rubles. But due to a significant increase in paper imports this reduction was made up by VAT revenue growth to $ 4.86 million rubles.

And the circulation began to grow because of customs decrease: the volume of circulation printed in Russia was up by 17% according to the Interregional Printing and Publishing Association data.

Source: М