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The E-book Piracy rate reaches 80-90%

According to the DISCOVERY Research Group data, the consequences of the global financial and economic crisis in the publishing industry are not yet completely overcome. Total market volume in rubles and in sold calculation continues to fall. One of the most significant trends is the increase of non-printed goods in the range of books and press point of sales.

Today book and press prices are on the "psychological barrier", the excess of which can lead to the tangible outflow of consumers from newsstands and bookstores.

The decline of interest in reading is one of constant factors, which has a big influence on sales reduction. The research shows, that Russians spent only 9 minutes a day for book reading, and every year this time declines. In this regard, a lot of publishers and booksellers try to promote and sell their books through the Internet.

Simultaneously the e-books consumption is growing. Almost 30% of adults in major Russian cities read e-books. However, the level of piracy in the market of electronic books is about 80-90%.