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Newspaper "AIF Petersburg" asks government to draft a bill of printed media support

The newspaper "Arguments and Facts Petersburg" described the hard situation with the printed media distribution in the northern capital of Russia, St. Petersburg. Publications need to increase the amount of ads on its pages to survive. But it has a bad impact on the content. To change the market situation politicians should pay attention to this problem. The editors of the St. Petersburg media hope that their initiative will be supported by the city's parliament, who can draft a bill to improve the situation in the press market.

The main trouble is that the government still has not worked out its clear position on printed media support.

If government takes necessary measures the printed media market will be saved and editorial won’t sacrifice quality content. "Have printed media a future? Of course! Question is just in its relation with the state,” stresses the newspaper’s representative. “For example, there is a special program to attract young people to read newspapers in France. Young people have the right to subscribe for a few popular publications for free annually. Over the first seven months of program’s existing more than 200 thousand people received gift subscriptions."

In addition, on November 20 the editorial board of "AIF Petersburg" newspaper will organize the discussion on this theme with the participation of deputies, officials and the largest publishers of the city.