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Rent-a-magazine! News vendors do new business

“Rent-a-magazine” is a new type of illegal business in the newspapers and magazines industry, developed in Russia as a result of high printed media retail prices.

The idea is simple. Stall keepers take an expensive magazine and lend it to the first customer for 60% of price. After the specified time (for example, a week) they take it back and lend to the second client for 40% of the price. A week later they refer the same magazine to the third consumer for 30% of the price. And so on.

"My mother has a friend, who works at a newsstand and receives extra money renting magazines", says anonymous source. He adds that you won’t earn millions this way, but it helps to earn more money. There are few people who do not want to pay 50 rubles and read the magazine, which cost is 200 rubles. Moreover from the magazine you can make a copy of some articles”.

He consider that this "business" is extremely important for the private sector, because poor people are not able to pay 200 rubles for the magazine.

But all the publishers express shock! They are going to lose revenues if this illegal business  prospers.

Source: PlanetaSMI.RU