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Circulation in Russian regions does not fall down and does not grow

Anna Koshman, the executive director of the Independent Regional Publishers Alliance (ANRI), told about situation on the printed media market in Russian regions.

The majority of publications circulation remains at the same level. It does not decrease, but shows no growth. In the post-crisis period most publishers have realized that the editions with a good distribution system are on the top in spite of difficult situation on the printed media market. That’s why regional editors have been paying attention to the paid circulation and building their own custom spread carefully during the last three years.

Today consumers want to receive unique quality information from the printed media. For example, even advertising publications are partially informative now. But it’s important to mention that there were no successful free titles launches during this year. The majority of our members didn’t even try to launch new printed products. Moreover, several magazines were closed.

Advertising remains the main income item of the independent regional media. It increased by 10% in 2012 compared to last year. But we are not optimistic: the advertising rate growth, unfortunately, is much slower than the rate of inflation. Local companies are the main advertisers in the regional media. The national ones’ share is no more than 1-2%.

So, the situation on the local advertising market can be described as stagnation. There is no decline, but there is no visible development. The same happens with the regional publishing products. A lot of ANRI members noted that they expected a new wave of crisis. That is why their strategies and tactics are aimed at the economy and back-up development. The main issue of the printed media in Russian regions is a problem of distribution.

Source: Magazine "Novosti SMI” № 20 (354), October 2012