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Kursk authorities are going to spend about 87 million rubles to save the state media

The departmental target program, focused on the state media development until 2015, was approved in Kursk region. According to its documentation funding amount for makes up 86.6 million rubles.

According to the administration data, there are 29 state printed media and one broadcaster ("Seim") in the Kursk region now. "It is the most stable working group of mass media, it has a rich historical tradition and the best journalists are working for these companies", say bureaucracy. They also argue that the reader interest in them remains. Thus, the aggregate subscription circulation of the state media total 114 thousand copies, it is more than 50% of the publications circulation in the region.

Expenditure accounts of the program make up 86.8 million rubles. Most of them (about 78.4 million rubles) will go to all sorts of subsidies to newspapers, another 7 million rubles – to "Seim" television company. Government will spend the remaining money for the briefings and round table discussions’ organization, the spread of information through the federal, local print and electronic media.

As a result of the program all the 30 media should be preserved. The aggregate amount of newspapers issues a year should reach 3.016 thousand units, the amount of television broadcasting – 24 hours a day. Journalists will be stimulated to be objective in the socio-economic processes elucidation with special prizes.

Evgeny Novikov, the editor of the Kursk "Friend to Friend" newspaper believes that not only state media need the state support. "Probably, it is necessary to create a transparent system of federal and regional financial media support. For example, it could consist of direct subsidies or grants to the printed and electronic media”.