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Close collaboration to save the Russian media market

Heads of several public associations signed the Declaration of Russian media market NGOs’ Cooperation. The main motive for this decision is the concern of the printed media industry future and the desire to prevent the negative trends’ development in the newspapers, magazines and books production, publication and distribution.

The Russian distribution system of the printed products (newspapers, magazines and books) is going to be destroyed. The newsstands and bookstores number has decreased from 42 thousand to 31 thousand and from 8500 to 3000 for several years, respectively. The quantity of newspapers and magazines titles was down by 25%, its circulation – by 40%. In addition coated paper import duty has been increased from 5% to 15% with the Russian accession to the WTO. It will lead to magazines prices growth.

These facts indicate that it is important to render government support to the Russian mass media. The Declaration should  help to find ways to protect press and books market, to establish good relations with the authorities, to improve the legal framework in order to ensure the citizens' rights to free information access with a minimum costs.

The Declaration was signed by Press Distributors Association, "Baltic Press" Association, NGO "NSRP Sojuzpechat", Alliance of the regional mass media heads, Interregional Printing and Publishing Association, Alliance of the Independent Regional Publishers and “ARPI Siberia".

Source: PDA press service