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Russian Railways launched the “Personal Express” project, which is focused on individual passengers' newspapers creation

As a part of the railway stations’ modernization in Moscow, Russian Railways have installed special terminals that allow visitors to create their own individual newspaper.

In 2011 Russian Railways has started "Buy at the station" program, which presupposes the quality of goods and services’ improving to the European level. There took place a passengers and train stations visitors’ poll. The question was: "What is the product you are most interested to buy?" The company found out that the most popular product was the latest press.

As a result of the poll Russian Railways has launched "Personal Express" project, which helps to create an individual newspaper to every passenger. Several specified terminals were placed on the stations’ territory and now they allow readers to create "their own media" with the content they are interested in.

In addition to the data service, the terminals have their own special thrill. For example, its technical capabilities allow the reader to take picture of him, and place it in the column as the editor. As a result, the railway station visitor doesn’t only receive the printed newspaper with the individualized information content, but also becomes its author. By the way the individual newspaper can be created also by Internet users on a special site.

Russian Railways notes that campaign has already attracted a lot of Moscow railway stations’ visitors.

Source: PlanetaSMI.RU