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Russian printed media need government support

"Expert" media holding company and "Parliamentskaja Gazeta " newspaper held a round table on "Traditional Media: market situation and development prospects." The panellists were trying to figure out if the audience interest in printed media will continue. The conversation also touched upon the questions about printed media distribution and the problems associated with the advertising market.

Representatives of the printed media companies call not to bury the printed press yet, they positively appreciate the prospects of the publishing market, but see a lot of obstacles which can be eliminated only with the help of legislators.

By-turn Alexander Oskin, the chairman of the Press Distributors Association (PDA) said that printed media distribution channels dramatically reduced in regions. "There were about 42,000 newsstands in three years ago, today we can find only 31,000. Newsstands’ destruction runs at 5-10% per year", added he.

Particulary, to solve the press distribution problems Oskin proposed to improve the nesstands format through its transformation into multimedia stalls. "They need to have a possability of Wi-Fi or Internet connection and have in a range about thousand printed media titles", supposes Oskin.

"The fundamental issue is the development and adoption of the Russian Federation Law about printed media government support. We want to evoke a response from the leaders of the parliament and to pass a law that would cover all spectrums of this question from the newsstands social value to tax benefits ... If we don’t make some decisions collectively, the industry will be destroyed", said Oskin.