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Russian Regions’ advertising campaign in Flight Line Magazine

Russian regions are actively promoting their tourist facilities among air passengers in order to increase passenger flow. Flight Line Magazine has doubled the number of articles describing the attractiveness of holidays in Russia. Publication of these materials is result of close cooperation with the regional tourism departments.

Flight Line Magazine editorial has analyzed results of cooperation with the regional tourism departments within the first nine months of 2012. “We definitely see the increasing interest of the local authorities to the target audience of the magazine and to the unique distribution system,” says Irina Sigal, Director of the magazine. "Thus, during that period we published not less than six pages dedicated to holidays in Russia prepared by the initiative of the core authorities of different regions of the Russian Federation and of the municipalities. I should also point out that in 2011 we published about three pages of the same type in each issue. Double growth is easy to explain. Air passengers travel a lot and it is a very good strategic decision to attract them as tourists especially because Flight Line Magazine provides maximally wide information distribution.”

Roman A. Sacharov, Editor-in-Chief, underlines that these articles are intended for demanding readers: “Already when discussing the topics and genres with our colleagues from the tourism departments we try to find interesting variants. It can be informative article, guidebook, review of popular tourist routes, events report, photo report, article or note in English for foreigners. We also use competitions for readers to attract additional attention to the published materials.”