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Small-scale trading business has a hard time in Russia

The expert of the National Institute of Enterprises’ Problems Researchs (Moscow) commented unreasonable, in his opinion, government’s actions in point of newsstands.

Vladimir Volodin started his speech with the information about a meeting of small-scale and medium businesses, which had taken place some months ago. Two of the three speakers talked about the tobacco and beer trade. They marked, that  if the government banned this products’ selling, small-scale businesses would die. Even then, there was announced, that 500 thousand people wouldl lose their job in that case.

Vladlen Maksimov, coordinator of the "Newsstands Coalition", says: "If we do not stop these discriminatory processes and do not give help to small-scale business, in the short terms not only small-scale business, but also a part of domestic producers, for which these small formats of trade is the only possible sales channel, will die".

And the poor vendors in their resolution of the Congress note:

1. There is no real interest from the government to the small-scale business’ problems in the trade, there is only "Soviet Union" rhetoric against small retail formats.
2. There is restrictive activity around the stationary points of sale in order to create a "noise veil" to cover the unwillingness or inability to solve the real economic and social problems.
3. Small-scale business has no rights.
4. There is no state solutions of the catastrophic shortage of retail space and lower rents.
5. There is unjustified discrimination of the small retailers in relation to large commercial enterprises (including in the range of goods sphere).
6. Here are no opportunities and perspectives for small-scale business and start-ups.