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"Baltic press" asks Surkov to retutn tobacco in the newsstands’ range

Members of the "Baltic press" Association sent an appeal to the Deputy Prime Minister of Russia, Vladislav Surkov.

It is stated in the letter that the ban on the tobacco sales in newsstands lead to "customers outflow of convenience stores and reduce the consumption of printed media". According to authors of the appeal, this change will bring a lot of problems to the "socially significant and political newspapers and magazines, which are not implemented in the large chain stores because of their low profitability".

The letter also touched upon the new law’s advantage of the large retail chains. It is so, explain the “Baltic press” members, because tobacco products, as well as related products, have always attracted visitors to the newsstands. "We will observe a decline in the reading population all over Russia. Hundreds of non-stationary trading objects with the printed media in the range will be closed and thousands of people will stay without their work", sums up Irina Vasilieva, the author of the letter and the chairman of the Association.

As a compromise, it was suggested to retain the newspapers and magazines stands’ right to sell cigarettes, but, for example, to limit the display of these goods in the shop window.