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Summit of the Russian print media market’s public organizations took place in the format of video conference between Moscow and Belek (Turkey)

As the part of XXIII International PDA Conference teleconference between the Russian print media market’s public organizations took place yesterday in Moscow and Belek.

There were I.N.Vasileva, the President of the "Baltic press" Association and "Neva-press" General Director; S.D.Gavrilov, the General Director of "ARPI “Siberia" and PDA board member; V.V.Kerov, chairman of NP NSRP "Soyuzpechat"; S.A.Kondrashev, the “Informburo” Director; G.N.Kudy, the Deputy Head of the Press and Mass Media communications Federal Agency; D.V.Martynov, the PDA President and A.V.Oskin, the PDA chairman on the one side of the screen in the Turkish hotel. People on the other side of the screen (S.B.Dubinskaya, the Independent Media Alliance Executive Director; B.A.Kuzmin, the Inter-Regional Association of Printers President and V.M.Chikireva, the Independent Regional publishers’ Alliance Program Director) were sitting in the conference roomin Moscow. The meeting was led by A.V.Oskin.

On the meeting there were discussed all the current market challenges and ways to overcome such existing critical problems  as, in particular, the newsstands removing in Russia. Each participant presented his own view on the discussed issues. There were given a lot of examples of the regional authorities arbitrariness of the illegal commercial properties’ with press destruction.

The summit participants unanimously recognized the need to sign a declaration about cooperation of the public organizations, which are working in the print media market "In the name of newsstands’ salvation in Russia." It was also agreed to initiate a series of regional meetings in Russia to discuss all the current issues of of press distribution support and development.

Source: PDA