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The Russian Post’s project of the government services’ rendering answers to the worldwide trend

The Russian Post’s project of the government services’s regarding was on the focus of the XXV Universal Postal Union Congress. This Russian national postal operator activity was one of the key subjects of the Russian Federation Minister of Mass Media Communications Nikolai Nikiforov’s report at the ministerial conference.

The modern post office functions are not limited with the letters and parcels delivery or retirement benefits. The postal operator today is a versatile device that ensures the population, government and business’ communications. Providing access to public services in post offices is a worldwide trend. It helps not only to improve communication between the government and the population, but also to create favorable conditions for the postal network optimizing and its economy and technological level of services improvement.

According to Nikolai Nikiforov, Russian Post can play a leading role in the system of government, municipal and financial services’ provision. Because it still has the experience in this area. In concordance with the worldwide trend Russian Post pays a great attention to the e-commerce, e-services and e-payments development.

"Post offices will help to reduce the digital divide between the Russian citizens. Internet coverage in Russia can be expanded through the aerials’ installation on TSO in remote regions," said Nikolay Nikiforov, Minister of Mass Media Communications.

Source: Russian Post