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The project “Media in Education” is launched in Russia

Moscow media and advertising Department with the support of Moscow education Department launches a pilot program in 55 schools, called “Media in Education". This project is based on many years’ experience of an international project “Newspapers in Education” of WAN-IFRA, the world newspapers and news association, which has been successfully implemented in 30 countries in Europe, America and Asia.

In the world, which is full of information and laced with mass media communications, it is important to educate teens in critical thinking skills and how to distinguish information from opinion and the subjective from the objective. To do this, print media industry was selected as the most mature element of mass communication, where the communication’s methods and forms are perfect.

With a help of the press, that publish relevant information, it is possible to enable live and active dialogue between teachers and students. Especially on topics that fall outside the traditional school program, such as “the ethics of human relations”, “politics”, “the modern economy” or “transnational relations”.

The method of "Media in Education" has been tested in Russia on a local level (Barnaul, Moscow, etc.), but it is the first time, when the project is implemented with the full support of the city government.

Four editions put together the basis of the pilot project "Media in Education": the "Evening Moscow" and "StoLichnost” newspapers, " Nations’ Moscow" and "Moscow Journal. The History of the Russian State” magazines. They will not only prepare special materials under the control of Methodists, but also provide the content of issues with specific requirements.