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Russian Railways’ leaders are against the newsstands. They are going to be removed from the railway stations

Russian Railways’ leaders get rid of the newsstands, located on the forecourt: distributors are proposed to move them to compensatory spots, and passengers – to go a long way round through the station building to buy the press.

As you know, the main press distributor, which provides passengers with fresh newspapers and magazines is the company "Zheldorpress." Her remarkable newsstands are familiar to everyone who has ever overstepped the Moscow limits by train. And now they are under bureaucratic attack.

At the beginning of this year, the Moscow government and Russian Railways agreed to create a new plan of Station Square beautification. Undoubtedly it’s a good initiative. The main idea was to solve the problems with illegal taxi drivers, wrong parking and unauthorized trading. However, a good beginning has turned over not only to shady, but also to legal business.

"Zheldorpress", the main press retailer on the Russian Railways’ territory, became unnecessary to the operator. And all the newsstands were removed to not crowded places, which are rather far from the railway stations. Appears a question: “Why the beautification means the destruction?” “It’s not fear to the customers. The passenger  hurry to catch the train and don’t have any time to make a big detour to find a newsstand! He need a magazine right near the train,” says Galina Rudneva to PlanetaSMI.RU, one of the “Zheldorpress" founders.

If the situation is not resolved, the only way for "Zheldorpress" will be a new dislocation. According to the company’s data, they need about 1 million rubles to install a new newsstand on a new place. And a payback period will depend on the new location. A good location can help to recover company’s costs in 10-15 years. Otherwise "Zheldorpress" have no chances to remove the costs even in 15 years…

Sourse: PlanetaSMI.RU