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Moscow newsstands are allowed to expand the range of goods

The heads of press retailers’ conference took place in PDA on Sept. 19. 

There were attended the leaders of “PDA”, “Nasha pressa”, “Logos”, “TOP-50”, “Centropechat”, “Sales”, “ARIA-AIF”, “Centr press” companies and many others retailers, the head of Distribution and Press Department on Advertising and media in Moscow Lobanov S.V. and representative of the Department of Trade and Services of Moscow Vladimirov A.F. The meeting was chaired by Alexander Oskin, the Chairman of the Board PDA.


A lot of reports were devoted to the problematic of the new order #136 "About approval of the range of specializations stationary distribution sites and the minimum assortment list and range of additional product groups according to specialization". All participants agreed that this order took into account of Moscow entrepreneurs’ wishes about expansion associated goods.

The discussion also touched upon the cold drinks’ refrigerators placing near the newsstands, development of the city distance selling system, preparation for the Annual Award of Excellence press distributors' “Moscow experts", the threat of replacing newsstands from railway stations, difficult relationships between the market players. PDA reminded that it regularly informed the Moscow Government Department of media and advertising about the press distribution city market problems. It helped to provide the market players with timely information.

Summing up the meeting, Alexander Oskin expressed gratification with the expansion of the newsstands’ range of goods. But he insisted on its further expansion through the costumers’ attractive goods. He gave the example of Kazan, where the land under the newsstands were leased for 49 years and people could buy there not only press but also hot coffee, ice cream, snacks, tobacco and beverages. All this increased the customer quantity. That's why newsstands revenue went up and printed products sales increased twice. Oskin Alexander also noted that the situation on the printed media Moscow market was much better than in other regions, because the industry have developed constructive working relationship with the Department of Advertising and the media and the Department of Trade and Services of Moscow. He expressed confidence that this relationship will be further developed.

Sourse: PDA