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All refrigerators will be removed from newsstands in Moscow

Local authorities consider that refrigerators impede passersby

Cold beer, mineral water and juice could become a problem for Moscow citizens soon. All the refrigerators standing near newsstands must be removed on November the first. It was announced by Aleksey Komissarov, the head of science, industrial politics and entrepreneurship Department.

 “Entrepreneurs know about this prohibition. We’ve given them time to get ready for it,” says the bureaucrat.

In Moscows commercial Department of “Komsomolka” newspaper there were explained that this prohibition is connected with the pavement’s capacity. Big metal boxes frequently just block the roads and pedestrians can only move along a narrow path. The newsstands’ owners complain of having no spot inside their sales outlets to place refrigerators, especially big ones.

 “In most cases it’s possible to put there only small household refrigerators,” explained an entrepreneur the problem to “Komsomolka”. “We can hold there just the popular drinks. So the rest of the range won’t be housed and consumers have to drink them warm”.

Meanwhile Moscow authorities make believe that in the near future all the newsstands will be replaced by voluminous ones with the spot for big refrigerators. Well: we’ll wait and see.

 “We have an idea to repeat the experience in Tula. There are some projects of the newsstands with special niches for refrigerators,” said the spokesman of Moscow trade and services Department to “Komsomolka”. “In any case we’re negotiating with all the market members, who can also offer their own solutions”. But Muscovites are puzzled: they pay notice to the park problem. Wrongly parked cars hinder them from easy movement on pavements much more than even big refrigerators with drinks.