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XXV International Muscovite Book Fair-Exhibition Inaugurated

The XXV International Muscovite Book-Exhibition Fair starts today with the participation of more than 1, 500 publishers from 45 countries in which France and Armenia are the main exhibitors.

The head of the Russian Federal Agency for Press and Communications (Rospechat), Vladimir Grigoriev, noted that the event will at least have 58,000 books that the public can enjoy until next Monday.

Cuba, Venezuela, Mexico and Colombia, among other Latin American countries, will be present with their respective stands in the international exhibition, with its venue at the Central Exhibition Center (VVTS) in this capital.

This year, electronic libraries will have more room in the exhibition, Grigoriev said who recognized that the effects of the economic crisis of 2008, only now begins to be reflected in the national publishing industry.

In addition, during the Muscovite fair will be appointed the winner of the Book of the Year, for which 11 titles were nominated, and will also be selected the most successful digital book and give the conclusions of the V Congress of book illustrations.

During the event, there will also be held a business Forum on digital book marketing, piracy of texts online, the decrease in the purchase of printed books and the difficult situation of publishers.

The fair will also take place under the sign of the Patriotic War of 1812 and the defeat of Napoleon Bonaparte at the Battle of Borodino.

At the fair, without a permanent stand, publishers from about 60 nations will work, Rospechat reported.



Source: (Prensa Latina)