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Subway retail

Moscow authorities are restricting the subway retail outlets  to only selling goods that passengers might need during their ride. On top of that, each retail space will be assigned a particular designation that will be specified in the lease.

The city officials will be conducting a study to determine which goods people need on their subway rides. The new list of goods for subway retail outlets is expected to include some of the goods that are prohibited today such as bread, ice cream, and vacuum packed meat products.


Based on the study results, a new kiosk location scheme will be developed. Moreover, a new kiosk design is in the works too.

Starting 2013, it will be required to participate in an open auction in order to secure a lease contract (with an option to renew for 3 more years) for the retail space. The starting price will be determined by an independent appraiser. All these changes are aimed at making this industry more well-regulated.

Source: PlanetaSMI