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148 unlicensed kiosks were removed in Samara

During the first quarter 148 unlicensed kiosks were removed in Samara, including beer stalls. According to Valery Morgunov, the vice mayor and head of the Department of Commerce, 950 kiosks installed without permit will be removed in 2012.

3097 cases of violation of trade rules were reported this year; the fines totaled to over 2 million rules, but only 400,000 were collected so far. The administration plans to introduce mandatory seizure of property as a measure against deliberate non-payers.


The Department of Commerce currently faces the challenge of oversized objects removal. Beside the fact that dismantling these kiosks requires specialized equipment, they also are somebody’s property. The Department has to solve this dilemma in court, which significantly slows down the battle with unlicensed trade.

It is common knowledge that fruit and vegetable markets flourish on the city streets. According to Mr. Morgunov, their fate will be determined by the Department in cooperation with the district administration. A detailed examination on necessity and compliance to sanitary and legal regulations  of markets in each district is required.


Source: PlanetaSMI