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Newsstands are to be removed from Zelenograd’s bus stops

This decision was made neither yesterday nor at the district level, but last year by the government of Moscow. Meanwhile the kiosk and the stop form a single structure called “bus stop retail unit”. The dismantling of these units continues across Moscow and will start this year in Zelenograd.

“We have been procrastinating,” the source in district administration said to “But now we should relocate those retail outlets.” Under the orders of Zelenograd’s prefect Anatoly Smirnov  the kiosks should be removed to “new compensatory locations with all appropriate paperwork done.” To which locations exactly will be decided on the spot.  According to the district administration the newsstands will be installed near bus stops whenever possible. The change is not going to be a drastic one; at the moment a task group is being created.

In Moscow government’s opinion the retail  outlets at bus stops contribute to traffic problems.  In turn, the Department of Commerce says that this removal is not going to affect the shopping opportunities, because the share of bus stop kiosks in city’s trading volumes is insignificant; besides the kiosk owners often sell unlicensed goods. The bus stop retail units were not included in the non-stationary objects placement plan approved by the Moscow government on July 1, 2011. Approximately 2,000 of those units in Moscow are to be dismantled.

Meanwhile Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry addressed the mayor Sergey Sobyanin with request to keep the existing units in March 2012. The petition was signed by entrepreneurs, in particular by the Association of bus stop facilities investors, who used to install and maintain the retail outlets.

According to the experts, the replacement of all Moscow bus stop retail units with regular bus stops will cost approximately 500 million rubles.

Currently kiosks in Zelenograd sell not only newspapers and magazines but also bus passes. Although not all of them, as the tickets are often unavailable at the stops on Central Avenue. Last year Zelenograd administration announced the non-stationary objects placement plan, accoding to which three ticket booths will be installed at “Student” and “Moscow Avenue” stops. Whether this plan will be executed is yet unknown.

Source: PlanetaSMI