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Demolition of kiosks in Saratov. Entrepreneurs are threatening to burn themselves in protest

According to the letter sent to the online magazine by Saratov entrepreneurs, the police is actively participating in demolishing the kiosks claiming that they were put there illegally in the first place. Saratov entrepreneurs call it abuse of office, vigilantism. They say that the local officials are claiming to be ridding the city of the “illegal” kiosks and providing the police with the wrong information regarding the legal status of kiosks to speed up the demolition process.

The letter, signed by the Regional Duma Assistant Cahirman Paul Yurkevich as well as by entrepreneurs Grigoriy Zinoviev and Vladislav Borodin, states that Saratov Prosecutor’s Office chose to ignore all the local officials’ violations and their lawbreaking.

"We have repeatedly appealed to the Saratov Prosecutor’s Office requesting to put an end to the unlawful demolition of the kiosks that were put there in accordance with all the rules and laws. Nothing has been done despite us reporting the violations of the rights of entrepreneurs as well as unlawful actions by city administration. Saratov officials demolished more than 100 legally established kiosks, as well as destroyed our property hence violating our right to property guaranteed by the Constitution of the Russian Federation " - the entrepreneurs shared.