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Number of kiosks has decreased in Moscow

Number of kiosks has decreased in the North-Eastern and Eastern parts of Moscow by 40% and 30% respectively as a result of the Moscow mayor’s initiative to regulate kiosk retail.

The kiosks that had been distracting car and pedestrian traffic were removed. New location plan and kiosk design were developed. There are going to be 9.6 thousand kiosks in the city according to the new plan: 6.4 thousand existent kiosks and 3.2 thousand new ones.


In particular, in the North-East of the city there are going to be 757 kiosks (165 will be set up on new sites according to the new location plan).


The local authorities in the North-Eastern part of the city have issued 304 renewal contracts for the previously installed kiosks that became part of the new location plan (all old kiosks will be modernized or replaced according to the new kiosk design).

On top of that around 200 mobile kiosks were removed from the North-East of the city.

As for the Eastern part of Moscow, there will be 912 kiosks in total; out of them 258 will be set up on new sites. 253 contracts have been signed. 111 new kiosks (50%) have been installed.

453 contracts for the installation of new kiosks in the existing locations have been signed, 248 kiosks have been modernized or replaced in the Eastern district. At the same time, 300 kiosks (47%) that are not part of the new location plan have been removed.