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The Hollywood Reporter hits Russian newsstands

The first Russian issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine has hit the newsstands.


The new edition has become the first licensed foreign-language branch of the popular American magazine.

Along with the printed version of the magazine the publishers also launched THR website.

US actor George Clooney appears on the cover of the magazine’s first issue. The number also features articles about actress Julia Roberts, director Martin Scorsese, actor John Cusack, and Russian director Fyodor Bondarchuk.

Apart from interviews with movie industry heavyweights, the new edition will also publish reviews of new films, cover celebrity scandals, and make reports from movie studios around the world. The first issue tells about Mosfilm – the famed Moscow-based studio, which produced dozens of iconic Soviet films and is still making movies today.

Investors behind the project are also responsible for the Russian version of the music trade magazine, Billboard.