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Kiosks on Pushkin Street in Izhevsk will be removed

Opora Russia and Udmurt regional organization that looks after the interests of small and medium-sized businesses had a meeting with Alexander Prozorov, the first deputy of Izhevsk administration. The future of kiosks located near by the transit stops on Pushkin Street was discussed at the meeting.

According to the city officials and some townsmen, kiosks are a thing of the past. The complaints regarding kiosks’ failure to comply with health and safety regulations as well as their trade regulation violations often come from the public.


“Since the law restricting the sale of alcoholic beverages at night came in effect in 2011, 16 kiosk owners have been fined. In addition, it has been reported that alcohol and cigarettes were being sold to minors. We are also concerned that some of the kiosk owners are behind on their tax payments. On property rent alone, kiosk owe the city almost 8 million rubles. it is a big deal for the city." - Alexander Prozorov explained.

Alexander Prozorov assured that all the owners of the kiosks on Pushkin street that are being removed, will be offered other sites for their kiosks. Moreover, this process will be made easier via the new "single window" at the land resources management department of the City Administration, it is expected to be in full swing by spring. Furthemore, it was decided at the meeting that the Izhevsk City Council members will start working on reducing the property rent for the kiosk owners.