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Kiosks by the bus stops are being removed

Only newspaper and bus ticket kiosks will be allowed to remain where they currently are, other kiosks will be demolished.


Elimination of kiosks located by the bus stops was announced by several prefectures at the same time. The bus stop-kiosk units  were not included in the new layout of commercial kiosks approved by the Moscow government on July 1, 2011. However, kiosks located by the bus stops are only starting to be removed now. About 2, 000 bus stop-kiosk units will be taken down in Moscow.


The smallest number of the bus stop-kiosk units will be removed in the downtown area. As explained by the press secretary for the Downtown Prefecture, Paul Bolshunov, only 12 out of 117 kiosks that will be removed are located by bus stops.


In the south-east district of the city, not only the kiosks that are directly adjacent to bus stops, but also the ones that are located in the vicinity of a bus stop will be removed.


At the same time, the source from the South district of the city told "Izvestia", that the tobacco kiosks will remain where they are and that only kiosks that are a part of the kiosk-bus stop unit will be demolished. It is being reported that 54 entrepreneurs agreed to leave, but a few dozens are being sued for refusing to cooperate.


The chairman of the Russian National movement "The Honest Market," Ilya Khandrikov, explained that the kiosk-bus stop units’ contracts expired on July 1st and then were extended until October 1st, 2011. So for a month now these kioks are operating illegally hence all the demolitions.


According to the Department of Trade and Services, there were 14, 000 kiosks in the capital before last summer. In July it was decided that more than 7, 000 of them will be demolished. More than 6, 000 kiosks were allowed to stay. Moreover, the authorities will auction off 3, 500 additional locations. So there will be around 9, 500 kiosks in the capital in total. "As of today around 2, 000 kiosks have been demolished" - a source in the department informed.


The Vice-President of “Opora Russia” and the head of the Commission on Retail, Vladlen Maksimov, pointed out that the kiosks in the kiosk-bus stop units were sold to friends and family at very low rates at one point. And then those kiosks were rented out so people who operate the kiosks now are not even supposed to be doing it. Maximov predicts that all the kiosks (except for newspaper and ticket ones) will be gone by the new year.


At the same time disappearing grocery kiosks might become an issue in Moscow. "There is not enough retail space (700 sq m per 1, 000 people), half the square footage compared to Europe "- said Maximov.


The only solution to this problem might be retail trucks. As mentioned earlier in “Izvestiya”, retail trucks will be coming to about a third of the Moscow suburbs in 2012. They will mostly sell  groceries from 7 am to 10 pm, and pack up and leave for the night.


According to Vladlen Maksimov, the number of "grocery stores on wheels" and their retail prices will depend on the transparency of the permit auction. Today, prices are often inflated and can reach up to 30 million rubles for a three-year permit.