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The Communist Party of the Russian Federation accuses Russian Post in helping All-Russia People’s Front

The Communist Party Central Committee secretary, Sergey Obukhov, told the newspaper "Izvestia" that the Communist Party is preparing to file a complaint against Russian Post with the Federal Antimonopoly Service and the Central Election Commission. The Communists suspect that Russian Post (that maintains a broad monopoly on mail service) is politically biased. According to the Communist Party, Russian Post refused to deliver their campaign materials to mailboxes in some parts of the country. Despite the fact that Russian Post is committed to delivering promotional materials for all their commercial customers (as stated on the Russian Post website).


"It is important to point out that Russian Post refused to provide the delivery service after the company joined the People's Front that only supports Putin and United Russia. Moreover, we originally wanted to do everything centrally, and therefore went straight to the Russian Post headquarters, but the local officials sent us to the regional offices to make it harder on us." - Obukhov complained. According to Obukhov, as of now communists only have proof of the company’s refusal to provide delivery services in Krasnodar Territory, but the party is currently working on getting documents and evidence in other regions.



"I personally went to the administration of Krasnodar Territory, where I was told that the local postal office had not filed the application to participate in the election campaign to the Central Electoral Commission and hence could not legally distribute campaign materials” - the head of the Communist Party regional election campaigns, Andrew Chervontsev, said.


Communists are also complaining that in the regions where Russian Post was willing to distribute their campaign materials the postal officials inflated rates.


"In Moscow we were quoted such a high price that it was twice as inexpensive to go with other distributors" - astonished Obukhov said.


According to Chervontsev, for the time being they were only able to work effectively with Russian Post in the Arkhangelsk region. "They make money, and we are happy. I do not get why other regions refuse to take our money" - he said.


The company denied all the allegations of communists.


“When Russian Post provides their clients with a promotional material delivery service, we adhere to all the standard contract conditions and approved rates - the Russian Post press service said. After the inquiry by "Izvestia", an internal investigation was carried out in the Krasnodar Territory Russian Post branch. It concluded that the Communists did not approach the branch advertising and marketing department. Russian Post press service advised the Communist Party to file a complaint with Russian Post instead of FAS and CEC.


"The Communists are facing a very typical situation in these elections. And the fact that Russian Post joined the All-Russia People’s Front has nothing to do with it. They are simply trying to avoid excessive administrative pressure in regions, which has been already experienced by transportation companies, and regional outdoor advertising agencies" - head of the constituency organization, Andrey Buzin, said.