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Moscow officials are not rushing newspaper kiosk owners to get new kiosks

According to the spokesman for the Moscow Department of Mass Media and Advertising, Vladimir Yakovlev, newspaper kiosk owners do not need to rush into signing contracts to replace the existing kiosks as of September 15th.

It was reported earlier that the Moscow district councils sent the new contracts to the print media distributors. The contracts  require the print media distributors to replace the existing kiosks with the ones approved by the Moscow City Architecture Committee.

"The Moscow Department of Mass Media and Advertising insists that everything should be done gradually and advises the print media distributors not to sign the contracts just yet. Newspaper kiosks are not as profitable as tobacco and/or beer ones"  Vladimir Yakovlev said.

According to Mr. Yakovlev, newspaper kiosks "should be replaced gradually".

"Someone just wanted to follow the orders right away without taking into consideration the interests of the industry" Vladimir Yakovlev explained.? Following Sergei Sobyanin's (Moscow mayor) criticism of how the small-scale retail trade was organized and his subsequent order to make it "civilized", mass demolition of the kiosks that were blocking vehicle and/or pedestrian traffic began in Moscow.

The ?Moscow City Architecture Committee drafted a new kiosk layout as well as new kiosk designs that compliment Moscow architecturally.  The widespread replacement of old kiosks began in July 2011. At the same time Moscow authorities have extended some kiosk placement permits until September 30.