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The Federal Communication Agency ( Rossviaz) endorsed the modernization of the Russian Post periodicals distribution system

Rossviaz Public Council endorsed the Russian Post proposal to modernize its periodicals distribution system on July 21st. Russian Post Vice President, Igor Mandrykin, talked about the proposal in detail at the meeting.
"This is a real step in the development of the national periodicals market," Deputy Chairman of the Public Chamber of Communications, Information Policy and Freedom of Expression in Mass Media, Dmitry Biryukov, said.
The proposed modernization program is comprehensive. It will touch upon every aspect of the periodicals distribution system: from making the subscription easier through the Internet and special kiosks to improving the delivery of periodicals.
"The main objective of the program is to increase public interest in subscription. It is only possible through improving the quality of service and optimization" – the Russian Post Vice President, Igor Mandrykin, summmed up.
Russian Post is currently financing the modernization of its periodicals distribution system out of its own pocket. However, the state support is essential for a timely implementation of the modernization program.