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vMore text messages leak as Russian authorities investigate

It’s not just Megafon users who might be caught explaining away incriminating text messages – it turns out that all Russia’s networks could be vulnerable to similar leaks.

Megafon and Yandex found themselves at the heart of a scandal when 8,000 personal messages became available to the search engine, much to the amusement of internet users.

The glitch lasted for a couple of hours, but as investigators homed in it emerged that another provider in Perm was also suffering leaks.

The site allows users to send messages for free to numbers operated by MTS, Megafon, Beeline and Utel in the Ural city – and a Yandex search also reveals many of these texts, RIA Novosti reported.

Representatives of MTS and Beeline said that their companies had no connection with and urged subscribers to use the official websites of operators to send messages.

Megafon under fire

The network under most pressure, Megafon, insisted that the issue was a simple technical failure which affected only a small part of its operations.

And spokeswoman Julia Dorokhina said that messages sent from subscribers’ phones were not released – only texts sent via the internet were involved.

But this has not appeased telecoms watchdog Roskomnadzor, which has issued an official request for an explanation from the phone operator.

Assistant director Mikhail Vorobyov told RIA Novosti that there was evidence that the law had been broken.

“The operator must preserve the confidentiality of communications,” he said. “The administration is responsible for any violation of this privacy.”

Russia’s Investigative Committee has also taken an interest in the scandal, and official spokesman Vladimir Markin warned that criminal charges could follow.


The SMS message has become an increasingly popular means of communication – and in an effort to save money many users prefer to use cut-price online message services to keep in touch with friends.

These websites seem to be vulnerable to leaks, with Megafon suspecting that messages sent from its website in conjunction with Yandex somehow ended up being marked as public online files which then showed up on the popular search engine.

Source: themoscownews