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Irina Chernolutskaya, the Press express: There is a monopolization of the market of distribution of the press in Vladivostok

«The big cleaning», declared by the authorities of Vladivostok, proceeds. For May holidays from city streets it has been liquidated more than 120 press kiosks and the pavilions trading in the press, drinks, bread and tobacco. Demolition continues to this day. The portal PlanetaSMI.RU has already wrote how such measures of officials have affected Open Company "Press-Express" work. Unfortunately not the joyful news has come from Primorski region.

The portal PlanetaSMI.RU has addressed to the general director of "Press-

Express" Irina CHERNOLUTSKAYA with the request to tell that now occurs in the market of press distribution of Vladivostok.


— Irina, local officials justify a pulling down of non-stationary shops necessity to arrange well a city before Summit АТЭС 2012. How similar measures are reflected at "Press- Express "?

— From the beginning of the basis of our company, more 10 years ago, to 2007 "Press-Express" confidently developed, increasing turns of sales and increasing quantity of shops. In 2007-2008 number of points made 75 units, and the number of workers reached 150 persons. But after the beginning of reduction of a chain in 2009, in connection with buildings for Summit carrying out, number of the personnel was reduced and has made already 98 persons. Then this number has decreased to 86 persons in January, 2010, and to the beginning of 2011 has fallen to 67 persons.

— Now the situation on a pulling down of non-stationary press kiosks is normalized or will grow?

— After a scale pulling down of newsstands on May holidays which has concerned also three our objects, we knew about the termination of contracts of the sub rent which is available for us with the third party  the large tenant of the city land. As a result of the termination of these contracts, in June, 2011 we are compelled to close more than 10  shops. And as three press kiosks it has been taken down literally one of these days. Besides, instructions about pulling down other objects continue to arrive to us.

— What is meant "pulling down"?

— There comes a brigade led by the representative of administration, cuts off to the electrician, loads a booth together with the goods on the wrecker and leaves. For 15 minutes of a booth as happened. Sellers, people of pension age, feel the present shock!

— What are you going to do?

— Our company has already prepared a series of judicial claims for the objects which have been taken down illegally. And also some unpleasant news for the employees  who will lose their jobs. It is impossible to stop this process. The City administration demands to issue new contracts on land in the near future and to replace all available press kiosks  on new, according to the project confirmed by a city. No other compromise solutions is proposed.

Irina, how much time it takes to design contract for the lease of the land?

What is the issue of 6 sq. m of land for retail kiosk in Vladivostok every businessman knows, has ever confronted with this problem. Almost all of  them work on the old contracts, and the new cannot get over the years. By the way, I work as  the general director of  "Press-Express" since summer of  2009.

After the adoption cases I had to complete the process of registration of two parcels of land under the stalls, which began  by the previous guidance of two years prior to my introduction into a post. The process moved forward, somehow, it took me almost another year to get an order for the issuance of leases. But the treaties themselves, we have not seen. To this day, except orders, there are no documents.

— Assume the city officials approve a new contract on land lease. How many long protracted process of paperwork?

What kind of new contracts we may speak on the eve of the APEC summit 2012, if everything else was added Ordinance Mayor № 777, which prohibits the installation of kiosks and temporary buildings for guest itinerary, which included all the main transport arteries of the city? This means an automatic denial of the site with a link to this decree. A new kiosks are a lot - from 350 to 400 thousand rubles. How can I invest this money in trade, without any guarantees for land in the long-term lease?

— What do you think - who of  press distributors can stand in the "big cleaning"?

At this point, there comes the triumph of the big networks, which will ensure the installation of new stalls and seek guarantees of immunity from the administration. So in Vladivostok, everything is going to monopolize the market. Supermarkets as well - they will sell newspapers and get a profit, while dozens of people working in retail, will be unemployed.

At the conclusion of the conversation, Irina Chernolutskaya clarified: "At the moment, in Vladivostok, only two non-competing retailers began installing kiosks new model, the remaining businesses closed for good selling point."

Tatyana Sorokina

Source: PlanetaSMI