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Vedomosti newspaper website is implementing a paywall

News articles on the Vedomosti website will be available by subscription only starting May 30th.
The Vedomosti newspaper retails for about 30 rubles, subscriber pays about 17 rubles per issue, mobile application user about 15 rubles. Current subscribers of the paper version will be able to access the newspaper online at a reduced rate.

News articles created specifically for the online version of the publication will remain free.

When publishers realized that advertising revenues of their free online publications were not big enough a few years ago, they introduced the online content subscription model. The online content of The Wall Street Journal and Financial Times (both affiliated with Vedomosti) is available by subscription only.

The Vedomosti management has been contemplating implementing a paywall for a while now. They have tried restricting free access to the Vedomosti archives and charging for some of the online materials in the past. And last week, the publication made it clear that their materials are not to be used by other mass media outlets on a gratis basis just because it is a common practice in the Russian Internet.


It is obvious that the idea of introducing the paywall is coming from the the West: the Vedomosti is a joint project of the Financial Times and The Wall Street Journal, and both of these publications introduced their paywalls a long time ago. However, most Western Internet mass media are still apprehensive about introducing their own paywalls. As you know, after introduction of the paywall in April of this year, The New York Times readership plummeted 4 times since March.

Source: PlanetaSMI