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Great resettlement of newsstands. The majority of capital stalls will move or will close

From present 14 thousand newsstands on the places remain less than 6 thousand, follows from the scheme of placing of non-stationary trading objects confirmed one of these days by the Moscow government. Escaped it is necessary to change the shape: samples of new stalls next week will expose in the Tverskaya street.

The authorities decide what to do with thousand jobless dealers, citizens - where to buy pies or ice-cream, and owners of newsstands of the press in confusion: points on sale of newspapers have promised not to reduce, but threaten to clean from bus stops.

Confirmed by the government of Moscow the scheme of placing of newsstands comes into force since July, 1st of this year. The document - last stage of a solution of a problem with stalls in the Moscow streets. All has begun in November of the past year. Then in capital nobody knew exact number of newsstands, as near to the registered stood unregistered (as a rule, belonging to officials of justices and prefectures), and near driven in the earth vans without wheels which were considered mobile took place and in any scheme weren't mentioned. Experts estimated number of capital stalls in 20-25 thousand after stripper in the end of the last year unregistered newsstands have disappeared, and registered remains to 14 thousand. According to the new scheme, stalls becomes even less - 10 028. Thus only 5571 newsstands remains on the present place. 4457 places under newsstands since July will start to sell at auctions. The transition period from old to the new scheme of placing of newsstands is defined in one year, and last newsstands which has not got to the scheme should disappear till July, 1st, 2012.

Newsstands will change not only a place, but also appearance. In the beginning of year authorities of the capital have wanted to unify shape of stalls, having obliged their owners to choose one of three kinds of design:" Classics "," the Modernist style "and" Free style ". Businessmen have protested: the designs imposed by officials have appeared nonfunctional (on their show-windows was located in times of less goods, and the warehouse) and too expensive (from a half-million of roubles for a newsstands without any equipment inside hasn't been provided). The mayoralty has met and has confirmed the new list of kinds of design. Now they became 26. Samples of new newsstands will show to citizens in the Tverskaya  street in the center of Moscow next week, the exhibition will be called "Show-street". Businessmen these samples already saw, and delight haven't expressed. The basic claims two - inflated price (businessmen consider justified cost of a stall as the area of six sq. meters within 200 thousand roubles) and absence of the hinged equipment (so-called "ears") which allows to increase the area of show-windows and which is absent in all variants offered by Moscomarchitecture. The head of capital department of mass-media and advertizing Vladimir Tchernikov as indemnification has promised to allow to place advertizing on walls of newsstands and named it "the healthy compromise between participants of the market and interests of a city".

After closing of newsstands of thousand people will lose work and business. The unemployed are already promised for employing, the blessing in Moscow it is simple. With businessmen it is more difficult. The organization of small and average business "Support of Russia" even deduced businessmen on picket against places sold from auctions for newsstands have got to the large network companies. The capital department of support and development of small and average business has promised that who will lose newsstands, to lease under shops the ground floors of apartment houses. Businessmen object: business of many of them in such conditions will appear unprofitable.

Press newsstands have appeared in exclusive position: they were offered for keeping in present quantity (about 2,4 thousand). The capital department of trade and services has dispatched the corresponding letter to prefectures in March. However it was found out later that press newsstands will remain not all.

In April the same department of trade and services has dispatched to prefectures the new letter in which referring to the report of meeting at the mayor of Moscow it is noticed that "transport stops are intended for landing and disembarkation of passengers", and "it is necessary to exclude stop -trading modules from the scheme of placing of non-stationary objects irrespective of goods assortment". Meanwhile, for example, in Northwest district of Moscow all newsstands at public transport stops (those stop-trading modules) belong to distributors of the press. In prefecture Northwest administrative district to speak about the future of these newsstands refuse, referring that contracts are concluded till next year, and "the question on them definitively isn't solved".

It is considered that the new scheme of placing of newsstands should answer inquiries and requirements of citizens. For this purpose the scheme project in February placed on the Internet for discussion. At once it was found out that the main criterion for definition of necessary quantity of newsstands - security of area (norm - 700 sq. meters on one thousand inhabitants) - in most cases doesn't work as floor spaces. For example, in area the Sokolinaya gora of formally floor spaces of stationary shops even is more, but almost all shops of area are located near metro stations "Semenovskaya" and "Electrozavodskaya".

Moving of newsstands from highways in court yard though improves a situation with stoppers (near newsstands cars with the goods or buyers usually stopped that provoked jams), but in many cases harms to interests and sellers, and clients. For example, non-local potential buyers in the heart of a court yard simply won't find a newsstands of fast food or flowers.

"Small retail network should have a civilized appearance, to be convenient for the population, to supplement a stationary trading network and to correspond sanitary both to fire protection regulations and rules, external esthetic requirements, with an accomplishment of adjoining territory" - so have formulated requirements to newsstands in capital department of trade and services, answering inquiry. Officials admitted informal conversations that the purpose of authorities of the capital - to reduce number of newsstands to a minimum as for this kind of trade are characteristic sale of the counterfeit and bad quality goods, evasion from payment of taxes, and also insanitary conditions. Only presence of newsstands admits court yard in which there are no shops well-founded. In department of trade and services assert that aspired "to keep as much as possible" those kinds of newsstands which are recognized by "socially significant": bakery, dairy, vegetables-fruit, soft drinks, ice-cream. In last two cases to owners of newsstands even will allow to establish nearby no more than one show-window-refrigerator provided that this unit won't stand on a lawn and to disturb to pass of people, journey of cars and the mechanized processing of territory.

From newsstands planned to release first of all the center of Moscow, as the most suffering from stoppers. But it has appeared that almost all newsstands in the center remain. Now in the Central district 1693 newsstands, according to the scheme project planned to reduce their number to 790, but now in prefecture CAD inform that in district there will be 1513 shops. Besides operating versions of newsstands will appear specialized fish what for the present in Moscow wasn't. It seems that head of the central administrative district  Sergey Bajdakov and its subordinates know, how it is necessary to work with schemes even if they start with the mayoralty.

Of prefecture of Northeast district assure that grocery newsstands become more though the total of stalls will be reduced more than to a quarter - with 1565 to 1142. Inhabitants of area Lefortovo (Southeast district) remained are dissatisfied with quantity of newsstands of the press and ice-cream: according to townspeople, such newsstands should be in times more than it is provided in the scheme. Prefect of  Southeast administrative district Vladimir Zotov of the reference has accepted and has promised to discuss with a city management. While in SEAD under reduction every fifth of 1,3 thousand newsstands has got.

Source: Noviye Izvestia