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Newspaper kiosks have to be modified

Print media distributors proposed to change the design of new newspaper kiosks proposed by the Moscow City Architecture Committee.
The design of newspaper kiosks (that will be installed in Moscow according to the new allocation plan) was discussed at the Press Distributors Association (PDA) meeting.
In particular, the PDA Government Relations Committee Chairman, Alexander Kostyuchenko, suggested that the new newspaper kiosk should not cost more than 200,000 rubles (average market price) for a 6 sq m kiosk. The Chairman of the Board of the Group of Companies Evening Moscow, Vladimir Zubkov, said that the kiosk add-on elements of advertising design (“ears”) have to be preserved despite the fact that the new kiosks designed by the Moscow City Architecture Committee lack them.

The main corrections to the Moscow City Architecture Committee newspaper kiosk design were formulated by the print media distributors at the meeting. In particular, glazing of newspaper kiosks should be maximized, placing advertisements on kiosks, the use of “ears”, as well as installing vandal-proof security features and providing overhang to protect customers from bad weather should all be made possible.