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St. Petersburg authorities are interfering with the distribution of Fair Russia party newspaper

The member of the State Duma and local leader of the Socialist-Revolutionary party, Oksana Dmitrieva, told “Echo Petersburg” that police detains party's supporters who distribute the party newspaper (particularly around the Avtovo subway station) and illegally confiscate copies of the publication:
“I sent an inquiry to the heads of the St. Petersburg law enforcement agencies. We ask

them to assess their employees’ actions and conduct an internal investigation; as well as prevent this from happening in the future.
Of course it is partly due to the administrative pressure on our party, but there is also another reason behind it. The Fair Russia newspaper gives detailed, step-by-step instructions to citizens affected by the leaks and citizens, whose injuries were a result of snow and ice that had not been removed properly, on how to write court statements and sue the local authorities. Looks like officials do not want people to know how to protect their right to adequate housing and right to life.”
Oksana Dmitrieva demands “the officials responsible for the dire housing situation and the lost lives to be punished”.