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Prices of periodical publications are changing

Price monitoring of the print media market showed that the prices on periodicals have been increasing since December of last year.

Publishers are the main driving force behind the price increases. Since the end of 2010, many publishing houses have been increasing their prices.

At the moment, the prices are still rising. Publishers have increased their prices by 11% on average (price increases range from 5% to 20%).
Publishing houses such as Burda, Axel Springer Russia, United Press, Fashion Press, Edipresse-Konliga, Komsomolskaya Pravda, TDS, Behind the Wheel, Agency MK, World of News, The Peer, OSP Courier and many others have been increasing their prices since December, 2010.  About 20% of national publications have increased in price.
Last month alone, almost 50 publications (not including special and supplement editions) have increased in price.
Distributors have increased retail prices by 11% on average to keep up with the spike in publishing houses’ prices.  
Publishers are trying to compensate for the declining profitability of the business associated with an increase in publications production costs by rising prices for periodicals.
According to market participants, publishers’ prices are expected to increase even further in March and April.